Studies today are showing what most of the kids already know - Instagram is surpassing Facebook when it comes to interactivity and social engagement.


What does this mean for you as a small business owner? It means you may need to up your Insta game.


Instagram is a social media drive site that allows users to communicate with online communities through the sharing of photos and videos, exclusively.


Users can comment on content, and use hash tags (#) to share information and classify it to enable others to search for it.


So how can sharing photos and videos up your small business marketing-ante? Consider these five easy steps:

  1. Use images to tell a story. Consider telling the story of your brand, of your business, of your new product through videos and images. This kind of engaging content encourages comments and sharing, the key to social media success.

  2. Show the “behind the scenes”. Imagery is a great way to personalise the process.

  3. Offer exclusivity. You need to pull followers to your account, so entice them with sneak previews, flash sales and ‘before launch’ product deals so they keep checking the page.

  4. Incorporate a mix of fun and professional product / service shots. Personality is what drives these portals, unlike a Facebook business page, this is a great outlet to show “Bring your dog to work day” or the office’s penchant for Casual Fridays!

  5. Study up on the hash tag. Adding comments to your content in the form of a hash tag allows you to curate and cull specific communities or users. Research popular tags related to your product/service/business and create your own.

Before you dive in, it’s a good idea to do some digging around accounts of similar businesses. Take note of the style and thematic that draws your attention, as well as the content that engages and encourages interaction.


Draw up a quick plan of action that includes a timeline of posts, a general idea of looks and feels and some hash tag ideas. Use it like an outline as you build your brand on Instagram!