As an entrepreneur, chances are you have either been micromanaged, or are micromanaging. It could be the very thing that drove you to finally strike out on your own and be your own boss.


But tread carefully. More common than not, small business owners do not even realise they are committing this egregious workplace sin!


Top ten signs you may be a micromanager:

  1. Assigning tasks and then taking them back. Do you not trust your employees work?

  2. Consistently falling behind and feeling overwhelmed by workload (DUH. This is why you hired staff!)

  3. You are always the manager or project lead, though there are plenty of alternatives.

  4. Creativity and initiative seem to be stalled because you are leaving no room for suggestion.

  5. Missing deadlines? Lapsing on timelines by getting bogged down with the details?

  6. Are team members seemingly avoiding face time with you?

  7. Your calendar is full with the appointments and timelines of everyone on your staff - you have to know where they are at all times.

  8. High staff turnover?

  9. Possess the "If you want something done right, do it yourself" attitude?

  10. You do all the talking during meetings, your staff sit noticeably quiet.

Uh oh... doing some of these? Relax. It's easy to fall into this trap - after all this business is your livelihood and your passion is what drives it. Turn that deep-seated drive in the right direction.


Break the cycle by delegating. I know, it's hard letting go. If you can't trust your employees to do their jobs, you need new employees.


Instigate methods of accountability, articulate goals and expectations clearly and down the line you may consider giving out ownership stakes to those with long-term dedication and proven track records.


Keep this list of warning signs accessible - check yourself before you wreck your business!


Micromanaging has many downsides and can negatively impact on your bottom line and stall productivity.