So much to do, so little time...sound familiar? If you own a small business, then of course it does!


The constraints of time will always feel like a ball and chain, dragging even the most hardworking entrepreneur along with it.


What to do? Start on a daily basis, attempting the (seemingly) daunting task of time management.


First things first - no wait, big things first! Tackle the most stressful, bearing tasks first thing and you will save yourself valuable ticks of the clock by not worrying about them all day.


This strategy also helps to boost your energy - the rush of completing a challenge can keep you and your team's motivation up for the rest of the day, increasing productivity.


Speaking of productivity, studies show most people are the most effective in the earlier hours of the morning. Test the theory by starting earlier a few days a week.


Allocate a period in the day in which you implement "Zero Distractions". Close the door, send calls to through to voicemail, and do not open new emails. Use this time differently each day, but make sure it is undisturbed.


Create an activity calendar that begins with smaller, daily tasks. Even the smallest of tasks need a deadline. Build up to weekly, monthly and yearly tasks, but only once the dailies have been completed.


Remember the Five D's: Do it, Delete it, Delegate it, Decide on it, Date it.


Each task can go through the process, making things move more quickly and preventing you from getting stuck.


Remember to try to manage your time, don't try to maximise it.