Who has not wanted to throw their phone out the window while frustratingly trying to navigate an automated voice system? Some may say that we stopped caring about customer service when we started to replace the human jobs with machines.


Recently though, industries have begun to listen to the masses once again. Backtracking from the technical advances, many big businesses have reignited the value of the human connection and that good old fashioned customer service.


While it will always be important to reel in new customers, the majority of your focus should be placed on customer retention. What's the best way to retain a customer? Provide them with a top-notch, above the rim, out of this world customer service experience!


Need a crash course? Yeah, we probably all do. Start small...


The work day should never be about punching in and out. True entrepreneurs will be the first to tell you that hard work is a 24/7 job. Find out when your customers need you most, the times that they value more than others, and look to fill that gap. If that means creating an overnight position to handle the incoming customer needs, then seriously consider it.


Let your personality shine. Real people go home from work to their family, friends, hobbies, and interests. But at work, they tend to shy away from being themselves and bringing their personality to the table. Trust us, customers pick up on this!


Encourage support staff to remember the value of a smile, to answer questions with honesty and to provide empathy. Always use names, not account numbers and actively, actually, REALLY listen.


A small dose of "realness'' goes a long way - a robot can never do this!


If you have to (like, really, really have to) use an automated service on your support line, then make these small adjustments. Stop it with all the choices! Make the system quick, efficient and to the point, taking the customer to a real voice ASAP. Making a customer run in circles almost guarantees they will run out the door.


Respect your customers' time. Get to them as quickly as possible, whether it is on the phone or in person. Ever been victim to the 'service window' trap? And how quickly did you switch services, after they failed to show up and wasted your time? You bet.


Use common sense and decency at all times - sounds silly, but the real joke is how often these things are forgotten.