Many people like the sound of our way of working with them on their accounts as a team  - but aren't sure if we're for them. That's understandable - accounting and tax can have so much jargon, and so much uncertainty over what we do, and especially over fees. So we have an offer to help you get started. The cost of this is $150 (plus GST) - but you may get it back - read our guarantee.


For that, we will spend up to an hour reviewing your accounting system with you, including MoneyWorks, MYOB, Reckon and Xero, via TeamViewer - whether desktop or cloud software. During that session - whether we do an MYOB review, a Reckon review, a Xero review or possibly if you use some other "NZ" system - you will see how we work with you using TeamViewer. We will also give you (verbally - you should make notes) points to consider as we proceed. At the end of the session, you should have confidence your system will satisfy IRD - or at least know what needs to be done.


We are a Moneyworks accountant, an MYOB accountant, a Reckon accountant and a Xero accountant. We act as partners for their products, have an account manager and access to their support people when we need it. It does not mean we do not work with other "Kiwi" systems. We're hesitant to get involved with cash-book only systems, or with systems not designed for NZ's unique requirements. Some of these may be cheap (or even free), but are much more likely to have non-accountants enter transactions incorrectly.


I guarantee that I will do at least one of three things:

  • Find mistakes which are costing you money, or if IRD found them would cost you money;
  • Identify options for your business which can increase your revenue or effectiveness; or
  • Solve a roadblock which prevents you from meeting your own objectives.

If none of this happens, you get your money back. How do we decide if I have found something of value to you? The first is straightforward, but should there be no errors (and we don't include a one-off error (unless it's over $1000), then it's your call on the other two. If you don't feel you have got anything of value from them, simply ask for your money back, provide your bank account details, and we will refund the money immediately. Clear and simple.


At the end of the review, we will often email you a quote. This will be what we would charge should you decide to employ us as your accountant / tax agent. It is not the final agreement - that's not done until we sign an agreement - but simply what we would charge as part of that agreement. It may need to include other entities, such as a trust or a partner. Even if you agree at that stage, we are not your accountant until we have your signed agreement.


This session will help you better understand how we work, and why we encourage you to contact us when you have uncertainty, rather than leave it till year-end. We want you to get it right at the time you record transactions. This makes GST returns safer (which may become even more important with tax changes) and greatly simplifies year-end accounting. Along with the quote will be an explanation of what we also do for you as your tax agent, managing your dealings with IRD, giving you an extension of time and so on.


Even if you don't accept the quote, we still encourage you to sign up for our newsletter. This is not an accounting newsletter, with tax dates, etc. You can get those from IRD's website - customised just for you. Rather it is a business newsletter. Past copies are available to all - but current ones (this year and last) are only visible to registered members. If you just do one of the things mentioned every month (and keep doing it).