As employees of both large and small businesses, we have experienced a variety of work places. While Lynette was the primary care giver and educator for our children, the last job I had was with a $30m sales group. My boss was the best boss I ever had. There was a multitude of tributes when a car hit his bicycle, killing him. He didn't always say yes - he'd say yes, no, or see me tomorrow (rarely longer).


One of the country's top companies (at least 10 times our size) took us over and made him their CEO. They were making a loss at the time, but with him at the helm, quickly turned around. Some of his decisions were less than helpful to his old business - even though they made sense from his newly enlarged perspective. Eventually, I decided I'd had enough in my career, and turned to public practice.


One of my partners introduced me to the concept that business should so much more than just be a means of making money. All businesses have to make money, but if they are to be truly successful, they make the people in them (stakeholders - owners, staff, customers and suppliers) better off. While better-off includes money, it includes so much more. The weight applied to each area will be different for each person - and even the same person over time.


We offer business development services to clients around the country. Our eyes are always on the bigger picture, asking "What could this business do differently for its owners".