Systems are essential to any business. And we're not talking about computer systems as such - although today many systems are best implemented using computer technology. Many of the services we offer involve setting up systems for specific purposes. We also offer a separate review of your systems and your needs. While manual systems may be appropriate in some situations, computerising them is often more efficient in the long run.


Operation Manuals


One of the best business systems tools is Acclipse Document Manager (formerly BOS). This replaces the old printed operation manuals that bigger firms had. This has many advantages, thanks to modern technology. As well as providing access to information for each position through the organisation chart, you can also access the data by function - or most powerfully, by a simple search. The documents themselves are stored in any common format such as Word, Excel or Powerpoint, and so are easily modified. Being online, everyone has access to the latest information - which only has to be updated once, eliminating the worst problems of printed manuals.




We also offer training in using the most popular small business software - including MYOB, Reckon and Xero accounting systems - in your business. We can also assist with other accounting (and payroll) packages.

We have direct access to the suppliers of these products in which we offer training, but we are more than happy to recommend other systems and work with them where appropriate. Currently, we work with clients using several different accounting and payroll systems, as well as industry-specialist software.


Your system


Helping clients make the best use of their in-house accounting systems is our speciality. Instead of just taking data away and putting all amendments through our system, we make sure your system agrees with the official accounts we produce. This gives you more confidence in the data and in the system you use.