This was a new idea for us - and having searched the internet, it seems it's fairly new for everyone. We already run virtual accounting services and have tailored our practice to make this possible. We don't try to offer the traditional accounting approach virtually. Rather, we have tailored our offerings to ensure they work.

With business development services, we thought about also offering these "virtually", and at first, it seemed it might be too difficult. But when we thought further, the core of most things we do is thinking. Yes, we get additional clues by seeing the environment, but the biggest part of our work is about ideas.

And so we can offer most of our business mentoring and development resources over the internet. If we need to do work that's not internet-based, that's not necessarily a problem. We can use the same software we use in the accounting side - and even change the direction so you can see our system if necessary. And if it's just talking, then Skype or Zoom is great.

So if the idea of our services appeals to you, but you're not just around the corner, don't let that put you off. Let us know and we'll give you our free consultation. As usual, at the end of that, you'll have a better idea of the road ahead, and we'll know whether or not we can help you.