If you own your own business, you can find all forms of advice (books, magazines, seminars, webinars, coaches and so on) promising to help your business to make more money. So why aren't you (and thousands of businesses) actually making more money?


We've been in business ourselves for a while now - and the thing that surprised us at first is that most business people would rather stay with what they know rather than venture into the unknown. Why did this surprise us? Because we mistakenly thought that people went into business prepared to continually learn and innovate. We were wrong. Very few people will consistently do the hard yards - and there is no magic shortcut.


We show a very powerful testimony from a guy who made a video while dying of cancer. We offer a 100% money back guarantee to anyone who says afterwards there is nothing in it for them. We finally actually had someone take that guarantee. But the disturbing thing is the rest of the participants saw it, saw the good ideas - but didn't do it.


There's actually a term for that - FTI disease. Failure To Implement. And that is holding back so many businesses. So we've got a free offer. We have a free PDF called How to Improve The Profitability Of Your Business. There are no strings attached at all.


It's not a complex booklet - we don't give away secret formulae - it just deals with a few key issues which affect every business - including yours. So when you've digested it (and it doesn't take long to read - but a bit longer to implement) please please let us know what you did as a result of reading it, and what effect it has had on your business. We don't think that's a high price to pay - we think the opposite. Having to report back on what you did means you are less likely to think "Another nice fad" or something like that.


So what's in it for us? We like good news stories. And there is a chance that when you've tried it, you might want more - more discipline, more structure, more ideas, more assistance in areas you don't have time and expertise. So when you've started to implement the ideas in this little booklet, look at our other services - like coaching and mentoring or SWOT analysis - and see if they might help you take the next step as you grow your business. Remember talking costs nothing, and may help you crystallise your plans.


So that's all - pretty simple for budding entrepreneurs. Register with this website (at the bottom of the right side panel), download the book (you may have to reload the page after logging in), read it, work out what to do as a result, do it, and please report back. No cost, no fuss.